Sept 25th

ikemen sugidesu shiki senpai Vol. 2 Ch 5

Amanogawa Ke No Yon Shimai Ch 111

Ningen Desgu Ga Maou Totsugu Koto Ni Narimashita Ch 32

Shitai No ♡ Karen San!! Ch 1 ( I’ve already created a page on mangadex HERE, please help me upload there! )


I’m a NEET and my Elder sister is Perverted Ch 42

9 thoughts on “Sept 25th

  1. Thank you verrry much for the update!!

    Shiki senpai be like. Oh sheyt I’m gay!
    That kiss escalated quickly!! Faster than my future! >\\<


      1. Ah, you mean the very first page in the NEET series? it’s a nsfw doujin that I transalted xD It’s called Mama Live! by Motchie Kingdom. I’m not sure if I could link them here but I uploaded on e-hentai ( or you can probably find them on the other hentai sites [?] )


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