September 7th

Hayama Sensei To Terano Sensei Ha Tsukiatteiru Vol. 2 Ch 7

Ikemen Sugidesu Shiki Senpai Vol. 1 Ch 4

Ningen Desguga Ch 28

Ouji sama Nante Iranai Ch 115

Shiki Wo Taberu Onna Ch 4

Go tenba Cheerleaders Vol. 6 Ch 39

14 thoughts on “September 7th

  1. Ouji sama nante irenai:

    Mission make kagamiya the next president!!! Avengays Assemble!!

    Waaaaaa!!! Hayama sensei new chapter!!this chapter is worth the wait. This love birds aaahhh mah hart mah soul! >\\\\<

    Thank you soooooo much for the hardwork!!!
    Blessed you squig pal and your team!! ❤❤❤


  2. Thank you! There are some weird succession policies going around in that school. I don’t really see the problem, they can just vote for a new president it doesn’t have to be someone already on the council. Haizono is amazing, not just a megane beauty but also a successful businesswoman? Great prospects!


    1. xD Haizono san is also a worthy ship! Yeh well I’m not surprised since this school is kinda dominated by the rich and powerful side which are the botans so I ASSUME they were the ones that made the rules


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