July 23rd

Koi, Irodorumade Ch 25

Koi, Irodorumade Ch 26

Koi, Irodorumade Ch 27 END

Ningen Desuga Maou Totsugu Kono Ni Narimashita Ch 17

7 thoughts on “July 23rd

  1. Though the ending is kinda open and cliffhanger.and soooo many unanswered questions. Why author?? Whhhy?? T-T.. I hope to read another work from this author.well I hope there is still more from her/him.

    Thank you verrry much for the time and effort in the translations!! >\\\<πŸ’“


  2. Thank you for finishing another one! :)
    I was sceptic about this manga at first, I got into it midway through, and the ending was severely disappointing :(
    Ouji-sama might save me, so please convey my broken heart to Nyandere, maybe she’ll pity me enough to edit it :D


    1. Yeh, the journey to the end was kinda cut short due to whatever reasons. But the ending itself kinda put a tear into my eye. ( that’s just me )
      Ouji sama will definitely save you. If not, the other new series ( hopefully ) will !


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