Update ( June 30th )

Sorry for the lack of updates. tldr : car is getting repaired. Expect a little more delays ( working extra hours to pay the crazy bill xD )

Thank you everyone! Without you I wouldn’t been able to get these mangas translated.



Koi Irodorumade Ch 14, Ch 15, Ch 16, Ch 17

Joshikousei To Ouji Chan Vol. 2 Ch 6

Romance / Slice of Life

Koisuru Yankee Girl Vol. 2 Ch 21

Amanogawa Ke No Yon Shimai Ch 101


Foagura To Gyuudon Ch 7 , Ch 8 [ END ]


I’m a NEET and my elder sister is perverted Ch 29



Translation ONLY Update ( yet to be edited )

Okusama ga seitokaichou  Ch 58  ( GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO AGENT46  FOR EDITING ! )

Megami No Sprinter Ch 17 ( Peter NIKOLOV ! I MEAN PETER PAN! )

Ouji sama Ch 125 ( ALL HAIL AYANO ! )

Ningen Desuga Ch 23 ( ALL HAIL NYANDERE ! )

Hantsu X Trash Ch 151

Shounen Chotto Sabottekou? Ch 7

Vanilla Jingai x Jingai Ch 7

Motoka No Shokudou Ch 5 ( UGH THE TEARS I CAN”T STOP THEM )

Strike Or Gutter Ch 14

Bousou Shojo Ch 18

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