Check out this youtube video! + Update

I just found out about Jordan Peterson today xD

It might or might not interest you but… watch it if you like, close it if you don’t

Update: I’ve decided to wait till I get my paycheck to get the decent 600W power supply and 1050 ti graphic card. It’s just me but I don’t wanna buy a cheap version and toss it out into the trash after a month. it’d be a waste since I only have one pc


More updates

I’ve receive koffee ( ko-fi ) from a kind soul  ! thank you so much! Ya know when you don’t have your pc, you start to think a little of what’s going on around you. I almost forgot, my birthday is coming up in 10 days, so please remind me if I forget xD

Shall keep you guys posted!

Update on my PC

The problem is the power supply and graphic card. Both are toast ( is that why I smell some metal burning thing a few days before my pc broke down? but there weren’t any smoke and it went away after awhile so… )


Taking in everyone’s opinion in June when I asked for advice on pc, I was thinking of going for asus 1050 ti and a new power supply ( corsair cs750m ). However, I don’t have the cash right now so…

I’m in a huge dilemma if I should get a cheap power supply now and graphic card or wait till I get september’s paycheck and get the one I mentioned above?


( I’ve inquire about the other brands but if I want it I have to place an order for them to get it which will take a week or so )

Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Mayday mayday, squiggles in trouble

Pc kaboom! Ok it didn’t actually exploded, but it can’t be turn on. I’m guessing it’s the power supply, faulty windows, motherboard, or something else. I’m not sure. I’ve just dropped it off at the repair shop and it’ll take a week or more depending on how busy they are before my pc gets it turn for a checkup. I hope i don’t have to change parts or i’ll be in deep shat… i’ll update as soon as i can!