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A tiny update!

Hi guys! sorry for the… lack of update this week. Been busy at work the past week and I couldn’t get much translation done. I don’t wanna get fired from my job. Part of me really do. Like really quit.
But gotto hang in there to survive. I’m sure there’re others who’re going through the same thing. Your legs feel heavy when you commute to work, and you don’t even have the strength to walk back home from work
I feel I’m letting myself down and letting you guys down. I can’t claim back time that I’ve lost, and the more it’s being delayed it’s so hard to catch back up to date with each chapter coming out week after week.
I feel so pathetic, so sad, so disappointed in myself. But I will not give up. I’ll continue giving you guys translations ( though my editing is crap. total crap ).
I want to thank everyone for supporting me and I hope you’d continue to do so!
p.s. I know my English ain’t good either, so bear with me. I welcome corrections if you wanna point out xD