Hantsu X Trash ( update news )

A little update on what’s going on with this series;

Yeh, MrReyZero has been taking off to care for one of his/her family members who’s in the hospital the pass few weeks, so it’s been really busy for MrReyZero. I’ve TL’ed up to chapter 9X, so please be patient >.< worst come to worse, I’ll have to edit it myself ( if so the quality won’t be as good as it was ).

p.s. seems like the CL for Kanojo No Kagi Wo Akeru Houhou just finished his/her exams, and we’ll be resuming the editing work. I hope… it goes well xD for i’m going to explode if I take on more editing. Although to be honest, I’m too soft, so please, recommend me more series! ( if I like ’em I’ll TL them ). So far, #BasedAnon has been requesting doujins, that’s how it all came to be. And I’ve also picked up Uchi No Musume o teni dasuna ( yomanga guys are editing it ). Pretty sure you guys have read ( maybe ) Hachi Ichi, I know it’s an old series, but I hope you like it! Oh don’t forget about Amano Megumi Ha Suki Darake~. Gao, this is one crazy long p.s. but ah, well–

Thank you everyone for reading it! and supporting it up till now. I’mma continue doing moi best! =>.<=