Hantsu X Trash Ch 136



#4 Blog

Mmmm… weekend, Friday is part of the weekend isn’t it? :X

But unfortunately, Friday & Saturday is the most busiest day since lots of people come out to eat so I’ll be busy working~

That said, I did make a tiny progress today!

This series. Look forward to Ch 1 soon

It’s a collaboration with Xereste so yeah… I don’t have to do all the work -puff her chest proudly for being able to laze-


Also, is there a particular doujinshi you’d like to read? I could try my hands on translating it if it’s nice xD ( link would be appreciated too )

#2 Blog : A ray of hope! Bzzzzt!

Kikaluna has graced us with her editing skills! Look forward to Black Lily and Shirayuri ( white lily ) chan this weekend,



Just like how Ayano’s juggling her school + editing,

You all must be patient in waiting for Kikaluna as she juggles her real life too!


In other news, Hantsu X Trash Ch 135 should be coming… soon…

and if you’re an avid reader of Megami No Sprinter… I’ll… I’ll…I can’t… I mean I just can’t force people to work faster and harder… though I want to. I mean everyone wants thing to be done fast right?

( Ch 3,4 and 5 of Megami no sprinter has already been translated )

and we’ll continue waiting…? that English sounds wrong. “we’ll continue to wait” ?

That’s all for today!


#1 Blog

Mmm… my first ever blog… hmmm… do people still blog these days? xD Used to be popular I heard. But nowadays we have… twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc etc

Thought I should blog some before the weekend release xD

I might or might not continue this, but well, feel free to ask me questions concerning the series you’re reading!

For today… I’ve started up translating Black Lily to Shirayuki chan

p.s. I’m looking for someone to help me with the cleaning+typesetting of Black Lily ( you’re not required to have Lvl 99 Editing skill. )